Kindly Read This Document Before Asking Any Question To Us… !!!

If you have any question in your mind, do not ask others, first ask yourself thousand times… 

I think that you will be able to get these answers and that is called achievement and this makes you more and more confident. Do not ask something others that makes you a stupid person and do not talk too much unneccesary, it increase entrophy continuosly. Be smart and unique….

Asking so many questions to someone is very easy but giving answers of all these questions is tough and time consuming and also very critical. So don’t make the atmosphere so complex. Kindly give the answer before question to others.Be simple and  make the atmosphere healthy…

“Lots of questions means lots of tension” why ???

First you think about these questions and that build up huge tension in your mind. That’s causes Brain tumor, Brain cancer, Digest problem and Insomnia and many others. One more thing if you don’t find these questions you will become frustated. So don’t ask so many questions to others unneccessarily, try to find the answers urself. LIVE AND LET LIVE… !!! Please co-operate with us to make a tension free society…  



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